Thursday, December 27, 2012


Welcome to the new and improved Laura's Lovely Lifestyle! I decided to start fresh with the blog and work on a new look for 2013. So what have I been up to, well I got married in November and had an awesome honeymoon to Jamaica. It was a week of great relaxing and way to much eating and drinking. Coming back from our honeymoon we jumped right into the holidays and I feel like I have been eating and drinking way to much! I am starting to feel uncomfortable in my clothes and need to get my but into gear with clean eating and my workout schedule. I plan on document my workouts and eating habits on this blog  to help me stay accountable for my actions. So I know tons of people will be making Resolutions coming January 1st but I thought I would start mine today, to not wait any longer and just jump back into my routine. So come along on my journey and wish me luck!